What Others Say / About Tommy Mara
(February 2003 Review BY DAN SINGER from 'IN TUNE' INTERNATIONAL Magazine)

Here's a remarkable Sinatra sound alike by way of Steve Lawrence and Julius La Rosa. I just wonder if Lawrence and La Rosa have ever heard this gifted singer. He could actually go on for them in their all too few record sessions and no one would be any the wiser. This incredible live in performance sounds like the most extreme in live recordings. You are actually seated front row centre. Along for this session is ace pianist Donn Trenner who had an enormous helpful hand in the renowned Mew Griffin and Judy Garland TV series. This is Vegas style entertainment recorded in New York's Danny's Hideaway in 1999. The ten familiar songs are executed swiftly in non-stop performances. As a delightful bonus included is a Monte Kelly arranged "Hurt"(Jacobs/Craine) from the MGM label in 1954 where he sounded much like Al Martino. Make no mistake about it Tommy swings like few others do. He's a rare breed indeed now singing to large, fulfilled audiences throughout the world. Incidentally there's a previous CD of his called "The Lost Crooner" (J Bird Records 80245) which delivers eleven standards in fine fettle as only this dandy songster knows exactly just how to do. Tommy may sound like other great singers but he actually has them all wrapped up in one blockbusting package.
(Reviewer: A music fan from East Coast USA)

Tommy has a great history of association with some of the biggest names in the business. Bennet, Presley, Orbison , Graziano, Paul Newman, Sinatra, etc. He recorded over 50 45's in the 1950's and has successfully reemerged back on the music scene over the past year. This CD has 3 music videos on it for PC owners.. He's called "The Godfather os Swing" by Swing Time magazine - He is the real deal / not many original Crooners out there. The music includes some great Big Band numbers arranged by George Siravo (Frank's arranger as well, at the time) and some jazz trio numbers featuring renowned pianist Harold Danko --Buy it - you will love this man's voice from then and now !.. and what a story!

(Reviewer: Michael Pellecchia from Ft. Worth, TX, USA)

This CD combines some original Tommy Mara cuts from the 1950s with some new trio cuts. The verdict is: Lost Crooner is is now the Found Crooner! Mara has a voice, timing, and singing quality that comes directly from the heart, that no modern young swingers can quite emulate. They may try, but Tommy Mara is a product of another age, where you don't "swing" a song, you "throw it away." He is a national treasure and this CD is part of the treasure.


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